Did You Know We Fix A Lot Of Stuff?

You can't run a hire company without knowing how things work and what is needed when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Jason, the MD, grew up around engines and fixing stuff.  He has a natural ability when it comes to understanding the mechanics of a piece of equipment. Jason's late father was a mechanic and played a big role in how Henderson Hire even came to be and many of those skills passed from father to son, mean that Henderson Hire is a lot more that simply a place to hire a piece of equipment.

Jason now runs the whole little empire and is qualified at many levels not only with experience but actual measurable certifications.

  • National Certification in Motor Industry and Outdoor Power Equipment Servicing
  • STIHL Factory Trained Technician
  • A Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician
  • Elevator manufacturing, installation and servicing

So anything from small engines, tractors, diggers, trailer repairs, welding and engineering are not above Jason have a look at for you.

Call Jason to talk through what you may need repaired, serviced or replaced.

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